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Virginia and Dina at Podium during training workshopAt FUNdamental Training Solutions, we offer a wide variety of comprehensive training workshops to improve customer service and leadership skills. Below you will find a list of our current workshops as well as brief descriptions of what each training session entails.

If you don't see what you need or have questions about a workshop, don't hesitate to contact us.

Workshops are available in two to eight-hour formats and can be customized to fit your specific needs!

* All Customer Service workshops can be delivered in Spanish!

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Leadership Workshops:

Customer Service Workshops:


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FUNdamentals of Guest Service  

Put FUN back in the basic fundamentals of guest service!   Designed with the front-line employee in mind, this highly interactive, skill-based workshop focuses on guest service and emphasizes its impact on local economies.   Participants will learn the five basic steps for delivering superior service, the importance of   "internal customer service," and the crucial role of every link in the "service chain."   The workshop wraps up with participants developing customized strategies for enhancing guest service in their own departments and companies. (available in Spanish)

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Service Recovery:   Dealing with the Difficult Guest  

Have you ever encountered a difficult guest?   One who is distracted, disappointed or disruptive?   Then our Service Recovery workshop is for you!   Interactive exercises will teach participants the vital role they play in proactively solving guests' problems and learn effective body language techniques when dealing with difficult guests.   Participants will leave this workshop with strategies for solving common problems in their workplace and turn difficult guests into delighted guests. (available in Spanish)

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Attitude & Motivation:   Take This Job and LOVE It!  

This high-energy workshop provides effective strategies for taking control of one's motivation and attitude on the job... and life in general! Participants will learn the skills necessary to reduce negative thinking and communicate with a positive attitude toward co-workers and guests.   Other workshop highlights include constructively expressing thoughts and feelings on the job, developing goals to achieve job and life satisfaction, and creating an action plan to enhance attitude and motivation in the workplace. (available in Spanish)

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Service Spectacular!

Want to maximize your customer service training time? This "boot camp" style workshop provides participants the chance to rediscover the rewards of providing extraordinary service - without the pain of pushups or sit-ups!   Interactive exercises reveal the importance of magical moments, internal customer service, and non-verbal communication. Attendees will develop effective techniques for handling dissatisfied guests and realize the importance of a positive attitude in the workplace. Get ready to attain practical tools and techniques to deliver spectacular service! (available in Spanish)

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Time Leadership

Time waits for no one!   This inspirational workshop provides a combination of philosophies and practical time leadership tips - useful at work and in life.   Learn proven strategies for prioritizing schedules, overcoming procrastination, and dealing with interruptions and time wasters. Participants will be introduced to time leadership techniques and develop tools to effectively manage the day.   This workshop culminates with the creation of an action plan for improving common time management pitfalls and for gaining balance between work and personal life.   If you "don't have time" for this training... you need it!

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The Ethics of Leadership   

There are three simple rules that effective leaders routinely follow: (1) Do what's right, (2) Do the best you can, and (3) Treat others as you would like to be treated.   There are also three universal questions that every employee asks of their leader: (1) Can I trust you? (2) Are you committed to excellence? and (3) Do you care about me as a person?   Workshop participants will explore the important role they play as leaders, gain a greater understanding of their employees as unique individuals, and develop strategies for motivating all types of employees.

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A Leader's View of Service  

This thought-provoking training workshop provides insight into the importance of employee empowerment and problem solving on the front line.   Participants will analyze policies and procedures that interfere with exceptional guest service and learn how to match service recovery strategies to the cause and severity of service failures.   This workshop culminates in action planning to improve service at all levels of the organization... by starting at the top!

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Coaching and Leading from the Heart   

Coach your team to excellence! In this dynamic and skill-based workshop, leaders will be introduced to powerful tools designed to help improve the quality of employee coaching sessions and communication in general. Topics covered include key reasons for poor job performance, necessary conditions for successful coaching sessions, and constructive feedback methods. Take away an innovative technique called the 'two-minute challenge' that will allow you to effectively address employee performance issues in two minutes or less! 

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Understanding Work Style Differences: True Colors

Are conflicting styles on your team driving you crazy? In this workshop you will learn not only how to better understand team members' work styles, you'll also develop skills for more effective team interaction. Additional training topics include resolving communication issues among workers, and developing effective strategies for recruiting, motivating, and retaining quality team members.  This dynamic and skill-based workshop culminates in action planning for tapping into the potential of all employees.

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Leading the Generations in Today's Workplace

For the first time in modern history there are four generations working side-by-side and the differences among them are one of the greatest challenges facing employers today. Leading the Generations in Today's Workplace is a powerful, interactive, workshop that will engage and challenge each participant to look through new lenses and develop the tools to deal with generational differences. The workshop takes a tour of what creates a generation and focuses on what influences a generation's behavior in the workplace.   A special focus is placed on the newest generation...'the Millennials'. Participants will develop practical strategies to help motivate, communicate, retain, and challenge the generations of today.

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The Art of Presenting

Refine your presentation skills in this essential workshop geared toward the presenter in all of us. Whether you're leading a meeting, training employees, or presenting information, you need effective public speaking skills to deliver your message.   During this workshop participants will learn techniques to involve all listeners and identify audience personality types. This workshop provides powerful 'tricks of the trade' to engage all audience members. If you want to make your training and meeting sessions interactive, learner-centered, and unforgettable...this workshop is for you!

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Seven Secrets of Highly Effective Meetings   

It's no secret that some meetings can be less than productive and downright boring. Seven Secrets of Highly Effective Meetings is an innovative workshop providing practical, hands-on strategies for improving your meetings. Some of the secrets include proper planning, dealing with various behavior types, encouraging constructive participation, and ensuring effective follow up.   Participants will receive an agenda planning worksheet as well as a meeting evaluation instrument. Some secrets are worth sharing!

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Clear & Concise Communication

There’s no denying it: Communication is a central part of our lives.  Research shows that over 75% of our time each day is spent communicating in writing, face-to-face, on the computer, or over the telephone.  This highly interactive and skill-based workshop leads participants through a guided discovery of what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to great communication.  Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and engage in a conscientious practice and application of powerful and straightforward techniques designed to help you get your point across more effectively.

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Developing Your Personal Leadership Skills

According to Peter Drucker, "Leadership is lifting a person's vision to higher sights, the raising of a person's performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations."  This unique and potentially life-changing workshop examines the leadership paradigms and principles that individuals need to succeed personally and professionally. Topics include personal responsibility, mission statement development, time management, seeking mutual benefit in all interactions, advanced communication skills, embracing diverse viewpoints, and the importance of personal renewal. Participants will be introduced to practical skills for incorporating leadership principles into daily life.

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Achieving Organizational Effectiveness  

This workshop builds on the foundation presented in Highly Effective Leadership Skills and demonstrates how organizations can move forward to achieve greatness. This course examines the changes that have taken place in the last two decades and provides a framework for participants to discover their own "voice" (the desire to achieve greatness by choosing not to settle for mediocrity), and then apply this knowledge in the workplace by helping others to set goals for excellence. Additional topics include embracing the four elements of employees' humanity, utilizing role modeling to positively influence others, and building trusting relationships. Be prepared to turn knowledge into action toward the goal of releasing the passions and talents of employees in your department.

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Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention in the Workplace

This highly interactive and thought provoking workshop introduces leaders to the symptoms and consequences of sexual harassment in the workplace. Topics covered include the legal definition of sexual harassment, determining unwelcomeness, recognizing subtle sexual harassment and hostile work environments, Quid Pro Quo harassment, and handling complaints of sexual harassment. This workshop culminates in action planning to identify and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace and meets the training requirements put forth in California's AB 1825.

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Preventing and Addressing Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is pervasive and has significant adverse affects on the health and productivity of victims and other workers. In this workshop, participants will learn how job stress, alcohol and drug use, and mental illness can all contribute to incidents of workplace violence. Topics covered include early warning signs, the profile of an employee at risk for potential violent behavior, tips for encountering angry customers and employees, investigating complaints, and steps leaders must take to prevent violence in the workplace. Participants will develop a comprehensive action plan for identifying, preventing, and responding to workplace violence.

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Building Trusting Teams

Trust is the foundation of all human relationships. Without trust, organizations cannot succeed in a competitive business environment. In this workshop, "trust" is defined as knowing that when a team member "pushes" you, they're doing it because they care about the team. Training participants will identify the characteristics of a trusting team and engage in a number of interactive exercises aimed at developing effective interdependent relationships.

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Rewarding and Recognizing Employees

When it comes to rewards, one size does not fit all! Employees are motivated on the job for a myriad of reasons. Likewise, employees want to be recognized and rewarded in countless ways. In this engaging workshop, leaders will examine current theories regarding employee motivation and develop customized strategies creating meaningful reward systems for their own employees.   Take this workshop today - your employees will be happy you did!

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Innovative Executive Retreats

Tired of the "same old retreat" experience?   Can you really spare an entire day away from work focusing on traditional "getting to know you" exercises and other trendy activities?   Fundamental Training Solutions will work with you to develop a new approach to your executive retreat that centers on the important roles trust and constructive conflict play in executive teams.   Retreat participants will engage in a short style inventory that serves as a basis for communication throughout the retreat as well as a number of meaningful experiences customized around your self-identified "burning issues." This isn't your grandfather's retreat!

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Emotional Intelligence at Work

People who rise to the top of their field – whether it’s healthcare, law, medicine, engineering, or banking – aren’t just good at their jobs.  Most experts now agree that those who quickly climb the corporate ladder are those who possess a high degree of emotional intelligence.  Simply put, emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to make your emotions work for you by using them in ways that produce the results you want.  Unlike IQ and other measures of cognitive intelligence, EQ can be developed and even dramatically increased.  This cutting-edge workshop introduces participants to the theory of emotional intelligence and suggests practical strategies for amplifying EQ in the workplace.

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Managing Difficult and Negative Employees

Do you have a “Skunk” in your department?  That employee who constantly “sprays” his or her negative attitude all over the workplace?  This eye-opening workshop examines strategies for professionally managing difficult or negative employees and suggests tactics for keeping your own attitude in check.  Topics covered include understanding the roots of negativity, the role of self-esteem, diagnosing organizational factors associated with problem behaviors, and effective management approaches for handling the four major styles of difficult employees. Don’t spend one more day at the mercy of a “Skunk” in your department… arm yourself with the tools you need to ensure peace and harmony in your organization!

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Conflict Resolution: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

It’s a rare leader who never has to address an issue of conflict in the workplace.  Surveys show that managers spend about 25% of their valuable time handling conflicts.  Participants will assess their own behavior in conflict situations and explore five specific methods of dealing with conflicts.  This hard-hitting workshop will help you to get an upper hand on conflict in your organization.

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Succession Planning: How's Your Bench Strength?

Winston Churchill once said, Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.  Most leaders have a general sense of what succession planning means, but few organizations have a formal and effective succession planning process in place.  In this hands-on workshop, leaders will examine the existing talent in their departments and put a strategy in place for ensuring that any skill gaps are addressed through a professional development plan.  Participants will also learn how to anticipate external conditions that may affect future organizational needs.  According to John F. Kennedy, The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.  Don’t wait for your key positions to become vacant!  Plan now and sleep peacefully at night!

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Stepping Up to Supervision

Congratulations! You've been promoted into a leadership position! Now what? In this workshop you will be introduced to fundamental skills needed in order to successfully transition from a line level position into management. Topics covered include professionalism and business etiquette, redefining working friendships, traits of successful supervisors, six unforgivable mistakes, managing with flexibility, and an introduction to employment law. Participants will leave with an understanding of the immense responsibilities (and joys!) associated with becoming a leader. This course is appropriate for new leaders or those aspiring to leadership positions.

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Building Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Accepting diversity in the workplace is a "given" in today's multicultural society. Truly great organizations must go beyond mere acceptance of differences and learn to recognize and even embrace the value of diverse employees. This practical, engaging, and thought-provoking workshop will focus on specific skills that participants can use immediately at work to promote cross-cultural understanding. Topics covered include:

  • Exploring cultural identity
  • Shifting diversity perspectives
  • Intercultural communication
  • Managing cross-cultural conflict and bias
  • Understanding the dynamics of power

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A Compass for Success: Developing a Mission Statement

A wise person once said, "If you don't know where you’re going, that's exactly where you’ll end up." Successful organizations know where they are going – they have a mission. A mission that is relevant and inclusive. A mission statement, when properly crafted, serves as a compass or lighthouse that guides your actions. This workshop will bring together key team members to create a transformational mission statement for your organization.

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An Innovative Day Away – Discovering Your True Colors

Can you really spare an entire day away from work focusing on traditional "getting to know you" exercises and other trendy activities? Fundamental Training Solutions will develop a new approach that centers on effective team interaction through the important roles of communication and owning your attitude. Participants will engage in a short style inventory (True Colors) that serves as a basis for communication throughout the day as well as a number of meaningful experiences customized around your self-identified "burning issues." This dynamic and skill-based workshop culminates in action planning for tapping into the potential of all employees.

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Managing Across the Miles

The people you manage across the miles are in fact, the people you can’t see: your remote employees. This highly interactive workshop takes a look at the challenges and joys of our new way of work life and how to turn those challenges into a management success. Participants will discover the six best practices to manage their remote employees and learn how to put those practices into action. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and bring your management skills to the next level of excellence!

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Perfecting Your Presentation Skills

Most people find the thought of giving a presentation to be so frightening, that it outranks DEATH on the list of human fears. According to Jerry Seinfeld, this means if you’re at a funeral you’d rather be in the coffin than delivering the eulogy! In this comprehensive, hands-on workshop, you will learn ten proven techniques for transforming your presentations from mind-numbing to magic. Topics covered include the importance of embracing adult learning principles and interactive training techniques, crafting attention-grabbing introductions and conclusions, avoiding "Death by PowerPoint," conquering speaker anxiety, and handling difficult audience members. Take a deep breath and acquire strategies to engage all levels of learners while advancing your career.

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Surviving Changing Times

There’s no denying it: Change is a central part of our lives and some people thrive on this change and some people cringe. The question is "How do we deliver professional services while coping with a continuously changing environment?" This workshop will explore the myths, mayhem, and magic of surviving the changes of today. Participants will be guided through a discovery of what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to great communication, collaboration, and cooperation. Be prepared to engage in powerful and straightforward techniques designed to help you survive changing times.

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